Monday, December 1, 2014

❥How to: Cut hair without losing length.

Have you ever been in the situation were you had to cut a lot of hair off in order to keep your hair healthy? I know I have! Maaaany times. Right now I’m trying to grow my hair out and I recently had to cut my hair. I have a really bad history with hairdressers.. I just don’t trust them with my hair. I’m going to color my hair now in December and it’s the only time I’m willing to trust a hair dresser with my hair.

So I’m not saying that this method is the best or anything but, its what works for me. First things first, you need a good scissor, if you don’t you will just damage your hair, not fix it.

Separate your hair and if you have lairs make sure you cut them separately. Make sure you take small pieces of hair when you’re doing this. Hold the piece your going to cut in your hand and bend your hair. When your bending your hair you can see all the split ends. When your cutting, you should cut upwards your hair not downwards. Do this through your entire hair and you’ll get rid of all the split ends without losing any length.

Hope you like this post and as I’ve said this Is what I do and what works for me! Hope this helps ^^ ♡

This is the length of my hair now ^^ ♡