Wednesday, January 21, 2015

❥Having trouble with your skin? This might help

Hi <3

So some of you might be struggling with your skin. Your buying tons and tons of skin care products and none of them seems to work. The product you have bought might even have been really expensive and are still not working? Here’s a quick and simple tip that might fix that.

Cleanse. Yes simply cleanse your skin. Not with water but with a cleansing product. When you don’t cleanse before you put on a skin care product, the product won’t go into your skin and do the work it’s suppose to do. When you cleanse your skin you’re allowing other products to penetrate your skin and it’s also removing dirt. Cleanse your face every morning and night before you do your skin care routine and I guarantee you that this can actually help you.

There are many types of cleansers out there:

There are cleansers that lather with water which is best for the ones with normal skin.

Cream cleansers which can be great for those with a more dry skin because it moisturizes more.

Water-based cleansers that is good for those with a oily skin.

Gel/lotion cleansers which is good for those with a combination skin and so on, 
there are a few more but these are the ones that are most used. 

I personally use the Dermalogica precleanse❤


  1. This is a great tip and one I had heard a while ago before forgetting, so thanks a million for the reminder! :)


  2. Great tip! So helpful as I keep having trouble with my skin :(

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