Monday, November 10, 2014

❥Study Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone! ^^

Today I thought I’d share my tips and tricks on studying. I’m currently only have A & B and I don’t find tests hard at all! But some of you might and I used to too,  so here is what I do to keep my grades up and how you can make studying a little bit easier^^

Make a study Plan!:

One of the best things that work for me is following my study plan! Make a plan for the tests or ‘’home work’’ that is coming up. When you follow this plan you will know ‘’when’’ to study and how much you have to study. For example: I have a test on Friday, then I will write on my plan that I will use one hour on Wednesday and Thursday to study ‘’ or more/less’

Sticky Notes & Marking: 

Marking things that you think might be important is a great thing to do. It becomes easier to know what you should be reading more and focus more on. You can also summarize what you have read which makes things easier too ^^ 

Switch things up!:

If I get reeeeally bored with studying I usually switch between training for example 20-30 minutes and then I go back to reading, if you want to do something else because your bored with your ‘’homework’’ or ‘’reading’’ I suggest you do something like that, don’t sit down and watch TV or surf the internet because if you do its easy for you to forget that you have to study ^^ 

Be creative!

One thing that actually really worked for me was hanging up notes in my room haha! Just be creative with what you got! ^^ I used to hang up notes on the wall so that every time I walked into my room or before I went to bed I could read the notes and make sure that I would remember everything for the up coming test! ^^

Pay Attention!:

I knooow this is so obvious and also sooo boring, to be honest I don’t always pay attention in class either but it’s a good thing to do if you want spare some time. If you pay attention in class you usually don’t have to read as much later.  


One of the most important things is to focus when you’re reading or doing something else. If you just quickly read though the pages you won’t remember anything! So take your time ^^


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