Sunday, November 9, 2014

❥My latest inspirations and obsessions! ♡

Heeey! ^^

So lately I have been so inspired by a lot of things ‘’ as you might have seen in some of my recent posts’’ So here is what I have been inspired and obsessing over lately! ^^ 

Pink & Purple Hair!

So now that Christmas is slowly approaching I want to color my hair again! ‘’ I always do some kind of change during that time’’ Right now my hair is red/brown and I can’t decide if I want to color it back to red, just more intense or if I want a different color. Pink and purple are the two colors that I have totally fallen in love with but I still can’t decide what I want. 

Red Lips:

I’ve been soooo obsessed with red lips lately, both matte and glossy. I just think it looks so beautiful; hmm maybe I’m in a Christmas mood already? … I don’t know. 

Colored Mascara:

I don’t know where to start! I’ve been loving colored mascara for a while now, I think it just looks absolutely stunning and it’s a great way to change up and give your makeup look a bit more drama. The mascara I have been using is by The Body Shop and its great, but I think I’m going to buy some other mascaras as well since the one I got is just blue and I’d like to try out other colors such as purple and red. 

Cat Eyes:

The last thing that I have been loving is cat eyes. This look has now become my everyday makeup routine and I love that I can change it up, I can add some liner in the inner corners or add more brown to the lid if I want to change it up, it’s just so easy. All you need to do is draw your eye liner like you normally would with a cat eye but you don’t draw it all the way to the inner corner then you smudge it out with some brown… and your done ^^  


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