Wednesday, November 12, 2014

❥How to: Grow your hair faster!

My hair grows seriously slow and I have always had problems with growing it long, before I got split ends. These past 3 months my hair has grown insanely much! Here is what I did ‘’do’’ to grow my hair longer faster ‘’btw what works for me might not work for you but it’s always worth a try’’ ^^ 

Coconut oil:

The first thing that I tried was using coconut oil. Warm up some oil ‘’you don’t have to but it works better’’ and then apply it to your scalp. Find a chair or maybe a bed and sit at the edge. Flip your hair down and wait at least 7 minutes, while your sitting there massage your scalp it will help a lot.Only use this every 2-3 week and then stop for 2-3 weeks or you will get used to it and then your hair won’t grow as fast anymore…If you have any kind of heart or blood issues I wouldn’t recommend this. I do have both.. but my body seems to be okay with it, just be careful. 

Rose water:

Rose water is actually very good and effective for growing your hair. As I said about the coconut oil, only use it every 2-3 week and then stop for 2-3 weeks or you’ll get used to it and then your hair wont grow fast anymore. When you’re taking a break from the coconut oil you can apply rose water to your scalp instead. 


I have actually noticed a difference in my hair now since I started training again, so I suggest trying this to, even though I’m still experimenting on it^^ 

Trim your hair:

I haaaaate this so much, but you do need to trim your hair when you see that the split ends are starting to show. I mean what’s the point with growing your hair long if it’s not healthy? In the end your hair will start to fall off because of all the split ends, so you do need to trim the ends. I usually try to  wait as long as I can before I trim my ends, I’m actually going to trim my hair now before Christmas, so it is healthy and strong when I’m coloring my hair again. 


When you’re in the shower or if you’re going to apply something to your scalp make sure you massage your scalp. When you massage your scalp you get a lot more blood flow to the head ‘’also why I said to do it when you put in the coconut oil’’ and when you do that your scalp will boost your scalps ability to grow hair. 


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