Wednesday, October 1, 2014

❥Small Haul!

Hi <3

So yesterday I went to MAC to buy fuchsia pigment, but they were totally sold out! I swear everything I was going to get that day, was sold out!...but anyway, Since they didn’t have fuchsia in stock I decided to get old gold, which is a beautiful green and gold pigment. I have totally fallen in love with pigments now; it can be used for so much. I did get a sample of fuchsia though! ^^

After I was done at MAC I walked past The Body Shop, so I just went in to see if they had something interesting, which they did. I discovered a ‘’Blue’’ mascara! It’s amaaazing! The color may look intense but it’s not that intense, you can layer it and get some awesome blue lashes or just put on a layer or two. It will still be visible but it’s not super intense.

So today I finally went and bought myself a Bobbie Brown product. I’ve tried some of their brushes and I absolutely love them, so I had to try some of their other things as well. I got one of their shimmer bricks, it’s wasn’t the one I really wanted, but it looks beautiful on the skin, so I’m really happy with it ^^ 


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