Tuesday, September 23, 2014

❥Ombre Lips

Hi! ^^ ♡

Today I actually started my day by getting all my split ends cut of and it feels amaaaazing! I’ve told my self that I would do it for such a long time now and today I finally did it^^ ♡

 I felt like been a bit more creative today with my makeup, so I decided to do 2 ombre looks for my lips. If your going to do this I suggest scrubbing you lips first.. so it all looks perfect.

Small tip: when your applying your lipstick normally it looks amazing if you add another color or more to it, because it gives it more dimension and it can also make your lips look bigger ^^ ♡

I made one with Dark Purple, Red and a bit of orange at the center and one with Dark purple, hot pink and light pink/purple at the center ^^ ♡

- Mich


  1. I love that you chose to be a little more adventurous with your makeup today.. I hope some of that spontaneity rubs off on me!! ;)

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


    1. Thanks, you’re so sweet! You always inspire me, with your outfits and posts on your blog! ^^ <3