Sunday, September 14, 2014

❥Lancôme & Lush

Lately I’ve been shopping a lot! Mostly beauty products. Some days ago I found out that I needed a new mascara, so I looked through some mascaras from Lancôme. I used to use Doll Lashes, but it dried out. The store I was in had a great offer, so I got the Lancôme Star mascara. With the mascara I also got a lipstick and a perfume! After I was done there I walked past Lush and I thought to myself… I would really like to try out a body scrub. So I got a great body scrub and I sample of their sea salt body scrub ‘’ which is a more intense scrub’’ I also really like that Lush fights against testing on animals and that their stuff is handmade! ^^ 

So far this is one of the best mascaras I have tried. My lashes are really short and have almost no length, but this mascara really creates length on my lashes. Also I loooove how the mascara looks, that glitter is gorgeous 

I have one other rouge in love lipstick which is a very bright pink lipstick, this one is more dark and it’s perfect for fall! ^^

Love the smell of this! ^^

The sea salt scrub (the blue one) is harsher than the other one so I only use it once a week and the other one when I’m showering. They both smell amazing.. And the sea salt scrub makes your skin feel soooo soft! ^^



  1. I use the orginal, classic version of this Lancome mascara and utterly adore it! I haven't yet tested the Lancome STAR version, although never say never.. I'll most likely give it a go in the near future! :)
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  2. It's really great, it does wonders for my lashes haha ^^ Following you on bloglovin ^^ <3