Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hi everyone

I’m sorry for not blogging these days, but i have been very busy. Yesterday I turned 18 and went out to celebrate, I was going to post a picture of the makeup that I wore but I had no time to do that, but I’m back now and I have a lot to share with you guys. So first things first, I went some days ago a bought a lot of stuff. Here’s what I bought ^^ 

So my hair was red for about three days and then it went orange… arrr I was so mad, because I finally thought my hair was going to stay red, but no … so I went out and bought a new shade of red, which is called passion red and then I colored it yesterday .. so far I’m very happy about the color ^^

I also bought a conditioner from Big Sexy Hair, because since I’ve colored my hair so much I desided to get a conditioner that gave my hair a lot of moisture

I saw these lashes and I just had to have them, they can be used daily if you like to wear false lashes because they are very natural looking. I couldn’t find a name or a number on these lashes :(

I used to use the L’Oreal intenza eyeliner, but I don’t really like it anymore because after I apply it ‘’I doesn’t matter how many lair I put on’’ It cracks up, so I decided to try out MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack and so far I really like it. It glides on smoothly and it dries matte

In Cheryl Cole’s Crazy Stupid Love music video she wore this beautiful makeup look and as soon as she closed her eyes I could see she was wearing coppering by MAC so I had to go grab it. It’s a beautiful redish metallic color and I think I can say it’s my favorite eye shadow right now

I’ve wanted to lighten my eyebrows for a while now, but I’m allergic to color that goes on my eyebrows and eyelashes so I went to MAC and bought their brow gel in Ash Blond, so when I’m done filling in my brows I just give them a quick coat of brow gel and my brows are lighter ^^

MAC’s new Osborn Collection just came in here (everyone probably has it by now -.-) and as soon as I saw this lip stick I knew I had to have it. This is called dodgy girl and it’s a matte lipstick. I loooove this color, it’s so unique. I think I will find a lot of makeup looks I can put this in good use

So recently Blake Lively came out with a lipstick collection. I went to the store and saw this and decided to buy the lipstick. I actually thought it was just one lipstick ‘’but it’s three’’ because the lady in the store just gave me a random one -.- oh well the color is beautiful anyway. It’s called Blake’s Pure Red and the name says it all. It’s a pure red color and the finish is matte. I think this is one of my favorite red lipsticks right now

I’ve been looking for a color that is in between red and pink and I finally found the perfect match. This lipstick is called Yours Forever and it’s by Gosh. I really have to say that gosh lipsticks are one of the best drugstore lipsticks I have tried and this one is my absolute favorite lipstick at the moment, the color is simply divine!


As you might have read in one of my recent posts I’m really in to bright colorful lipsticks right now. Candy Yum Yum is one of the brightest lipsticks I have ever seen. It’s almost neon pink. I love to wear this outside ‘’even though some stare at me hahaha’’ because it’s so fun and unique. The new Osborn collection also has a lipstick called Kelly Yum Yum which is almost the same, but I just bought candy yum yum so I decided not to buy it 

Since I bought so many bright lipstick I also wanted something that was more on the nude side. Please Me is one of MAC’s beautiful nude/pink lipsticks and it’s also matte haha, all the lipstick I bought was matte actually. I think I’m going to try to combine this with Enchanted one which is my favorite nude lipstick. This is also the last lipstick I bought ^^

I was supposed to buy MAC’s face and body foundation but they are currently changing the formula of the foundation so I decided to go for MAC’s Mineralize Moisture foundation. It’s almost the same as the face and body, but it has a bit more cover. This is one of the best foundations I have tried; I think I might like it even more then the face and body actually

THIS is the best powder I have eeeeever used. I think this could become my new Holy Grail item! It looks flawless on the skin. Let’s just say…if you don’t have this….go get it, you won’t regret it! ^^ 

The last item that I got was this brush. This is the 263 angel brush from MAC. I love to not only use this brush as an eyeliner brush but also for eye shadow.  It’s a really precise brush which is great when you’re for example creating the wing on your eyeliner

I hope you liked this Haul ^^


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