Wednesday, January 14, 2015

❥The Trends that I’m in love with right now!

2015 is here and so are the new trends. Some of it I love and some of it I don’t love as are my top list on what I ‘m totally crushing on right now! <3

Coming undone – The looped under ponytail

The looped under ponytail really got my attention because of the no effort and lazy look that it has. Its an easy hairstyle to do when you have little time and since its on one of the trends right now you’ll look extra stylish <3

Graphic polish designs and half-moon designs

I usually don’t use nail polish because I’m not allowed by my school, but the days that I do I like to do something special to them. The graphic polish designs and half –moon designs really caught my attention because of this. Love the unique style that they have. 


Lately I have been wearing a lot of braids, I love that braids are on the trends of 2015. One braid to try is the reversed one (I’ll post a how to: soon). There is so much you can do with braids! 

Red lips

Red lips are actually in now, but the color of 2015 is a more wine red color. I personally love wine red lips and it’s what I have been wearing on my lips lately. Diva by MAC is currently my favorite lipstick ^^ <3


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