Sunday, August 31, 2014

❥Trouble Sleeping? Quick tip on how to fix that♡

Having trouble sleeping? Did you know that rosewater can actually help you sleep? The aroma of roses can be a mood enhancer. It can rid you of the feeling of anxiety actually and it makes you relax. When I’m stressing for example I just open the rosewater bottle and smell it for a while and I actually feel more relaxed. Rosewater has many uses, but today I’m just going to talk about the benefits that rosewater has when I comes to sleep.

Before you go to bed, take the bottle of rosewater and simply put some drops on your pillow. When you go to sleep you will smell the sent , you will feel more relaxed (maybe even happy) and the rosewater will help you sleep better to, so when you wake up the next morning you will also feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. The rosewater is also anti-inflammatory  which is also a great benefit ♡


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