Monday, February 16, 2015

❥How to be more confident

Hi guys! <3

So lately some people have been asking me how I became so confident. Confidence is something that comes over time, you don’t just wake up one day and your confidence is sky high.

Confidence is not something that is there all the time either, we all feel insecure from time to time. Sometimes we can feel instantly more confident, this could be because you just bought yourself a new piece of clothing or maybe you just achieved something amazing. This kind of confidence will pass unfortunately; true confidence comes from the inside.

Being happy with yourself is the first thing to being confident. Have you ever noticed that when you get a lot of compliments you feel instantly confident but, then you get one negative comment, the compliments you just got doesn’t matter anymore? When being confident you need to learn to ignore the negative comments and focus on the good. You need to learn and live with the fact that not everybody is going to like you.

Another thing to do if you want to be confident is to throw away the toughs that you have to be perfect. No one is perfect and besides perfect is boring. Trough out life you will probably meet people who thing that they are perfect and that you are not, these people probably has no confidence because they need to make you look smaller so that they can be bigger. So don’t mistake that for confidence.

Doing things to help others is also a good way to achieve more confidence. When you do something good for someone you feel warm inside, this is also what you could call confidence.

One last tip is to turn your insecurities around so that it becomes your strength instead of something that you worry about, take some time before you leave in the morning or before you go to bed and look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself.   


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